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This is the future home of a concept that founder, Kerrie A. Lloyd, has named "Adam's Ranch". This facility would provide integrated solutions for families effected by disabilities in a balanced ecosystem rested in the hills of blissful south Orange County. The life and natural resources found in a particular location are referred to as an ecosystem. They are dependent on each other to survive and, in delicate balance, these lifeforms help to sustain one another in regular patterns. "Disruptions to an ecosystem can be disastrous to all organisms within..." (Geography for Kids-by The vision of Adam's Ranch is to promote local solutions that would minimize these disruptions for families affected by disabilities and increase their capacity for a harmonious life. 

 Adam and many others in south Orange County have experienced a revolving door of providers and individuals offering services. For economic reasons and staffing shortfalls, many providers had stopped adding staff for families in south Orange County. In other words, there is s lack of service providers servicing the local area via funding from the Regional Center or other sources. A need has developed for South County families to have a facility to share and enjoy collaboration while taking advantage of community based group activities and opportunity to gain insight into best practices they can implement in their natural environment. Ms. Lloyd is determined to reduce disruptions in the care of individuals with disabilities and empower families with the information they need to secure appropriate services. This was the foundation for the birth of Kerrie's vision known as "Adam's Ranch".

Supportive solutions for families can be built and opportunities can be created for families to rest while sharing information with regard to resources and solutions that are available to them in the local community. Professionals can also come in providing insight into a wide range of modalities. Transition and residential services can also be contemplated in this safe environment serving people of all ages who are disabled in need of solutions related to accommodations and group living options in adult life.  

The structure of "Adam's Ranch" would be a 501(c)(3) organization such that grants and contributions can keep this ecosystem balanced and alive while providing funding for families in need of subsidies. Stay tuned for more to come...